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Does your auctioneer auctioneer have the knowledge and experience needed to sell a specific type of property at auction?

Auctions create urgency, excitement and competition to all involved, making it easier to maximize results.

An auctioneer’s role is a lot deeper than just bid calling. If you’re thinking of buying or selling property via auction, it’s important to know...

United Country Real Estate’s Auction Services (UCAS) recently launched their own podcast in an effort to educate and inform...

The auction method of marketing and selling real estate is the world’s oldest and most misconceived method.

Shawn Terrel, a 25-year veteran of the auction industry has been promoted to lead the United Country | Auction Services Division as President...

United Country’s Kyle Shobe, World Champion Auctioneer Featured on NBC Action News in Kansas City

Find Your Freedom: Shawn Terrel