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Whether you're an experienced business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, investing in commercial real estate is a great way to build personal wealth.

Despite a slow start this year due to rocky weather conditions hitting many states, the market for the remainder of 2019 looks clear.

With the call for “social distancing,” living in the country provides multiple benefits.

Here is a short guide to help you navigate what you’ll need to do financially in order to purchase your next property.

If the auction method is for you, here are 10 terms we think you should know...

Imagine waking up every day breathing in fresh air, surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenery. Here are some reasons why you should invest...

The largest lifestyle and country property real estate franchise network, grew their network double digits so far in 2019.

Familiarize yourself with some common real estate terms to help the buying and selling process process go smoothly.

While there are obvious perks to using an agent like paperwork, negotiating and research, there are many reasons you may have not considered...

Even though we are heading into the winter, don’t let that stop you from looking for your dream property...

An auctioneer’s role is a lot deeper than just bid calling. If you’re thinking of buying or selling property via auction, it’s important to know...

Selling a property during the winter months can be profitable and result in a faster than average sell time when buyers tend to have more urgency.

Investing in property with marketable timber can be a wise investment when time is taken to truly understand how timber appreciates...

As the leader in all types of lifestyle properties since 1925, United Country Real Estate has always been at the forefront of innovative marketing...

Before making a decision to invest and/or own your own property or even to sell, it’s important to evaluate how the real estate market is performing..

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