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In 1928, United Country changed the real estate marketing landscape by introducing the first real estate catalog. In the years since, we’ve found innumerable ways to communicate with brokers, agents, buyers and sellers and are constantly looking for new ways to hold conversations about real estate, auctions, lifestyle properties and more. Platforms like this allow people to communicate regardless of geography – the very thing our founder, Roscoe Chamberlain, had in mind when he printed that first catalog nearly a century ago.

Our vision for this blog is that it will allow us to share the things we think are most important with you – industry and market information, company announcements, videos, helpful home buying and selling hints and more – as well as get input from you about your real estate experiences.

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How many times have you sat in a tree stand or blind on public or leased land and realized that you would hunt completely different if it was yours?

When selling or buying real estate, sellers and buyers are often only interested in the specific type of real estate they own or want to buy...

Whether you want to hunt deer, turkey, duck or other wildlife, your land means nothing it if isn’t cared for and properly managed.

United Country Real Estate and Trained Assassins excitedly announced that they have recently joined together to film unique hunts and properties...