Find Your Freedom Friday: Kevin Oldham

March 12, 2016

Imagine you are essentially waking up jobless each day and creating your own opportunities, guiding your career versus letting it guide you...

Every week we’re going to share a story with you from someone who’s found their freedom with United Country. From buyers to sellers, from brokers to managers – everyone in the United Country family has a story. Today’s post comes from Kevin Oldham, vice president of marketing services.

When I was 5 years old, I created a library of books in my closet. After I alphabetized the books and created an inventory log of my collection, my family would check out books from my library for a small rental fee. On the days I was in a good mood I’d treat my customers (family) to complimentary book rentals. While debatable about how truly interested my mom, dad and brother were in reading the adventures of Curious George or Paddington the Bear, I believe they saw early glimpses of my entrepreneurial spirit, and they provided the necessary positive reinforcement to keep that spirit alive as I matured.

I had many more entrepreneurial adventures as a child and teenager and always enjoyed the rewarding feeling I gained from identifying a business opportunity and capitalizing on it. I enjoyed figuring out ways to earn the money I needed to buy important things in life at that time – like a new skateboard or bike. Again, my parents always supported my ventures and even helped me grow them when they could.

My entrepreneurial spirit grew as I learned more through my career and school studies. I received my first taste of true risk/reward through my early mentor, who was one of the top 15 real estate associates in Kansas City. He took me under his wings and showed me what it was like to essentially wake up jobless each day and create your own opportunities, guiding your career versus letting it guide you.

When you combine the inherent drive of an entrepreneur with the philosophy of living every day as though it were your last, you create a driven and passionate soul who constantly seeks out ways to enjoy every day through all facets of their professional and personal lives. That soul is me.

My career at United Country has turned out to be much more than I anticipated when I joined the company in 2007. I was given the opportunity to start a new business within an incredibly exciting and successful company with a heritage dating back to 1925. My career at United Country combines my two professional passions, real estate and marketing.

Launching United Country Marketing Services has been a dream come true for me, allowing me to create an industry-leading marketing services firm that caters to the best real estate offices in the country. United Country helped me find my freedom by allowing me the opportunity to develop a unique service offering that helps our buyers and sellers achieve their goals. All the while I am having the time of my life, living every day as though it were my last and doing what I am most passionate about. Who could ask for more?

If you’ve found your freedom with United Country, please send us your story to be featured in a future blog post!

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